Our Background.

Evers & Ollie is a dream come true for a local student turned local orthodontist, entrepreneur and community advocate. This local coffee/retail shop was created by Dr. Nicole Wax in 2022 but it was a dream long before.  It is a place you can go to be inspired to live your best life. The store is named after Dr. Nicole Wax's children, Everly and Oliver, and she instills in them that they can be what ever they want to be in life. The only limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself. And whether you are a child who's dreams are infinite or a parent with grown children of your own, it is never too late to find your inner child and dream big. With hard work and a kind soul, you can accomplish anything you want.

Evers & Ollie is committed to help encourage you and to remind you that no dream is ever too big or out of reach. 


"I had 11 years of college pursuing my dream of becoming an orthodontist. Along that journey, I spent a lot of time studying in coffee shops to be productive and feel social at the same time. Coffee shops became a place where I could feel inspired to work hard and chase after my dreams. Now, as an orthodontist and the leader in my practice, I STILL find myself longing for spaces that inspire. There are few places that welcome you and breathe new life into your dreams. I want to grow as a person, not matter what stage in life I'm at. And no dream is too big to achieve." -Dr. Nicole Wax

Our Mission.

The mission of Evers & Ollie's is to inspire people to pursue their dreams at any stage in life. 

Our Team.

Let us introduce you to our team. We have worked extremely hard to make Evers & Ollie a welcoming place and are excited to get the opportunity to meet and chat with you!

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Dr. Nicole Wax

Founder & CEO

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Kaitlyn Fines

Marketing & Operations Manager

What We Offer



Our coffee is locally sourced from Rootless Brewing Company. Rootless brewing company is out of Flint, Michigan and has been providing individuals all around with top notch coffee products that we know you will love. We are so excited to bring them to Evers & Ollie and share with our visitors.



Evers & Ollie wanted to ensure that we picked products that give a soft and comfortable feel while also being super stylist. Some of our other products are locally sourced items from small businesses and small business owners. Online orders for pickup are accessible to our customers.



The community is something that is extremely important to Evers & Ollie. We are confident that we can make a difference in the community by giving back and supporting others. We support local charities, host small events, and encourage partnerships with local business owners and organizations.